This is Your Brain on Drugs


This is Your Brain on Drugs
The myth of falling in movie-love

And that’s the good news. Movie-love is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. It’s the very beginning of real love. Coming off your high doesn’t mean that love is gone. It means it’s time to get serious, to go into a deeper love. At this point, real love becomes a decision, a decision that will require all your higher reasoning skills to be solidly connected to your emotional intelligence. Is it time to decide to take this movie-love deeper, to create something so much more meaningful, or is it time to accept that it has run its course? Of course, you also have some other choices: You might decide to simply accept that it will never be what you yearn for, and live in silent (or not-so-silent) martyrhood. Or you could decide to keep chasing the high (with this candidate or another), but just ask any addict: That high is fleeting and rare, and it was never meant to last.

Choosing real love isn’t the easiest choice. It is work. It is compromise. And there is a lot of learning and growing to be done. But in the end, it is the most fulfilling love of all. It is a love of contentment and commitment, of trust and empathy, of deep respect and friendship. And yes, of real passion.

This is love that lasts.

This article was originally published at Bobbi Jankovich. Reprinted with permission.
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