Are You In Love with a Criminal?


Are You In Love with a Criminal?
Mr. Wonderful may not be so wonderful after all.

From a psychological view, there could be a number of things about your world-view or your life experience that put you at risk. But the key is to go back to the beginning. Raise the Red Flag at that very first sign, that very first feeling that something is off. Then be vigilant. Raise another Red Flag for any warning sign that follows. One Red Flag may only represent your own default protection measures. But consider any additional Red Flags, however Pink you choose to view them, as actual warnings that it is probably time to reexamine the relationship without the rose-colored glasses of perfection.

The point is not what it says about you that you may be involved with a criminal. The real point lies in what you do once you realize it. One way or another, it’s time to take action. If you have any doubts at all—even if you’re still inclined to believe he’s a good guy with good intentions—know that the risks are just too high to sit back and wait.


  • First, run it by someone you respect and trust. Someone you know has your best interests in mind.
  • Second, get (your own) legal advice immediately.
  • Third, consider that it is time to seek professional counseling, if only to sort through your ambivalence.

Don’t let Mr. Wonderful make you a victim.


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