5 Reasons Men Cheat & 4 Solutions To The Problem


5 Reasons Men Cheat & 4 Solutions To The Problem [EXPERT]
Find out what drives men to cheat and learn some effective ways to prevent infidelity.

If you really are not fulfilled, sexually or otherwise in your relationship and you think that the answer is to cheat, think again. The answer is to delve into yourself and your partner and your relationship to create something new. And if that is not possible then the answer may be to leave the relationship — openly, clearly and courageously.

4. Shoot for the moon. Maybe we've taken our relationships for granted or maybe we set our relationship goals too low. What would happen if we shot for the moon when it comes to our intimate relationship and make this partnership our highest priority? Through making our connection our highest priority we can begin to learn so much about our partner and ourselves such that life feels exciting and alive all the time. 


With this approach men can look inside their relationship for the answers rather than to the next exciting fling. And with more than 25% of divorces now coming from the over 50 crowd, with withdrawal being the leading indicator, it's time to make our closest relationship vibrant once again!  


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