Get Back Your Mom(me) Time: 3 Tips For Self-Care


Personal Development Coach: 3 Tips For Self-Care As A Parent
Be the best mom you can be by receiving help. Photo: donnierayjones, Flickr.
Asking for help is a strength. Do it and take back your ME time as a mom.

Last week at a great networking event for Women Business Owners, I was surprised to meet some wonderful and creative entrepreneurs who offer new moms support and help, so they can nurture themselves before and after the baby arrives. When my twins were born 12 years ago, I had no idea where to find help — outside of hiring a cleaning lady to try and keep the house in some sort of order. But what these women had to share inspired me to inspire you. 

As a mom, the first thing we lose when we have a baby is our "me" time. You know; that time in the morning to get ready for work uninterrupted, time to enjoy our lunch break, time to relax after a long day of work... and then baby arrives. For many of us, the baby arrived 10 years ago, and we still miss the "me" time that we once enjoyed. 

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I'm here to tell you that you can hold onto that "me" time, even after baby arrives. If you've lost it, it's not too late to reclaim it.

TIP #1: Put "me" time into your schedule every day.
Give yourself permission to ask for help so that you have uninterrupted "me" time each and every day. That could mean asking your husband to care for the baby if he or she wakes before 7AM, so you can have your time first thing in the morning. You could ask a family member or friend to come by and take the baby for a walk during the day. In the evening, you could go out to a yoga class or other event that you enjoy. Remember, parenting is a team sport and your partner is there to help you. Let him!

TIP #2: You may have super powers, but you're not Super Woman
As women, we all have super powers or strengths that allow us to multi-task, put everyone before us, and generally make sure everyone else in our lives is happy, healthy, and loved. Stop! Instead, use your super powers for good... which means nurturing yourself, making yourself happy and healthy and loving yourself first! All you new moms out there: listen to what they tell you on an airplane about putting on your own oxygen mask first before assisting those around you. How will you support, nurture, and love your child(ren) if you are sick, run down, and feeling stuck? Put on your oxygen mask first every day.

TIP #3: Nurture your partnership
It is so easy when the baby arrives to give her all your love, affection, and attention, but don't forget to nurture your relationship with your husband/partner. Now is the time to discuss that oft-talked about "date night" and find help so you can make it happen. Even if it's a special dinner at home once baby is fast asleep, make it happen. Plan a short overnight away once the baby is sleeping through the night and done with breastfeeding. Make your relationship a high priority right after your highest priority — you!

So know that there is help out there, you just have to be willing to ask for and accept it. The biggest mistake I made was not asking for help and not accepting it when it was offered. Instead, I thought I could do it all; I was Super Woman, after all. We are all super women but we raise a child with a tribe of helpers, not as a lone wolf.

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