How To Have A Great Relationship With Your Mother-In-Law


mother in law/daughter in law
In-Law relationships are tough and can stress a marriage. Here are some tips to make them easier!
  • Remember that your gain may feel like your MIL's loss. Have compassion!
  • Keep in mind that she has been the main woman in your husband's life and completely adored by him since he was born.
  • Be kind, even if your MIL is driving you crazy. It's how you honor your husband – by honoring his mother.
  • Keep in mind that you think your husband is pretty terrific. If she raised him, she can't possibly be all bad. (No, it probably wasn't an accident!)
  • Be open to the possibility of being friends with your MIL from the beginning of your relationship.
  • Let your MIL know that you're interested in her as a person.
  • Extend yourself to your MIL and open your heart and your family to her.
  • She's not your mother, so assume that you came from different planets – be curious about your differences, and not judgmental!

In-law relationships are difficult, complex and multi-faceted under the best of circumstances. When all parties involved can be kind, compassionate and honest, there is greater likelihood of having a fulfilling and nourishing relationship, and don't sweat the small stuff!

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