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Enjoy marital bliss when you know your partner's Money Personality.

Marrying your partner means marrying your partner’s Money Personality – a characteristic that affects your life more than you might think. Your Money Personalities affect decisions such as choosing breakfast cereals, picking destinations for Friday night dates, and deciding what a "vacation" means. Identifying one another's Money Personality helps open lines of communication that are essential for an honest, fulfilling, and long-lasting relationship.

The first step toward marital and monetary bliss is to spend the next 15 mintues and take our free, scientific, Money Personality Quiz. Is your honey a:


  •  Saver – These frugal folks hate parting with money. If they found a dollar in a coat pocket they’d leave it there rather than spend it.
  •  Spender – Money doesn’t stick to a spender for long. If he finds a dollar in his coat pocket, he heads to Starbucks for a grande purchase.
  • Risk Taker Love the "next big thing". They may get it right, they may get it wrong, but the thrill is in the hunt. If she finds a dollar in her pocket, she'll find a better pocket with more potential to put it in.
  • Security Seeker – Better safe than sorry. They are focused on the future and having their ducks in a row. If they find a dollar in their pocket, it winds up paying off debt or going into a college savings account.
  • FlyerDon't think about money much and would rather fly by the seat of their pants. If they found a dollar in their pocket, they'd probably also find some tissues, an old cough drop and a note to call their mother.

Money Personalities have nothing to do with economic status, race, gender, or age – and every person has one. In fact, each individual has a Primary and a Secondary Money Personality, impacting their attitudes and assumptions about money. Learning how each one of these particular traits interacts with another is the key to understanding the way you and your partner might handle different money matters.

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