A Little Less Shame, A Lot More Love


A Little Less Shame, A Lot More Love
SHAME- a common emotion that no one admits to. Don't let it limit your life! Take back the power.

A series of essays regarding shame was been written by a myriad of women from all different walks of life and was compiled in Amy Ferris and Holly Dexter’s book Dancing at the Shame Prom: Sharing the Stories That Kept Us Small. This book offers hope to each reader because you are not alone in carrying the shame around. You are also afforded a glimpse at the private “shame” that others have had to live with and work through. It really is about turning the fear in our lives into power, and with it, the shame into purpose. Sometimes this can offer a new perspective on your own experience and a new way to deal with it. This book is a tool I highly suggest each person use while working through their past “shames”.
Anything negative in our lives that is left untended eats away at a person’s heart. So take out the spotlight and say NO MORE to the shadows of SHAME that are limiting your life. You may never get rid of it completely, but through acknowledgement and forgiveness, you can take away its power. The shame will no longer quietly possess and hold back you or your life.

So take a lesson from your pets and consider a tomorrow that has a little less shame and shadow, but a lot more love and light. Take back your power, take back your life, and start releasing that shame!

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