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Is REVENGE The Answer To Discovering Your “Ex” Had An Affair During Your Marriage???

For those of you who have been through the rigors of finding out (after the fact) that your ex-partner had an affair during your marriage or relationship, you are not alone. I, along with many others, have also endured this shocking and cruel head trip.

Rationally, we know that our “ex” is no longer a part of our life. Yet, the whole ordeal can fracture our ego and drive our emotions berserk. The mental anguish does not match the logic for sure!

I believe the main reason for this exhausting hurt is that we go through “Fairy Tale Recall.” In this process, we are recalling only the really good times of our past relationship. At the same time, we’re in shock we were lied to and preoccupied with finding that our former partner fell in love with someone else. No wonder we feel like we’re going bonkers! “REVENGE” THINK,


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