Reaching Your Healthy Weight With An Online Program


Reaching Your Healthy Weight With An Online Program
Confused by all the online possibilities for weight loss out there? It's easy - Use the best one!

Each class member enters his current weight, ideal goal weight, and an indication of current physical fitness. This is seen only by the class facilitator. A healthy weight loss schedule is calculated and will be different for each member. The classes meet online once a week and each class member maintains a confidential food and exercise journal. The trained Vtrim© facilitator guides and supports each individual every day outside of class hours, while the weekly group classes focus on the important tools of how to make all of this work in practice.

The group discussion board serves as a support forum for in-depth further training, interactive support, special requests, tips and information. Group members can ‘meet’ in the virtual space dedicated for sharing, while keeping other information available in a secure area. Once the 12 week course is completed, the participant can take another course, Join a supervised maintenance group, or take his new skill set to practice!

Named by Harvard Medical School as one of the top 10 online weight loss methods in the US, backed by 20 years of research and evidence based client success, affordable and highly professional, Vtrim© is this author’s program of choice for a positive journey to a positive result in healthy lifestyle habits for the long term. More information can be found directly at Vtrim© Online.

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