Reaching Your Healthy Weight With An Online Program


Reaching Your Healthy Weight With An Online Program
Confused by all the online possibilities for weight loss out there? It's easy - Use the best one!

According to some surveys, the third Monday of the month of January is Blue Monday, where many of us can suffer a bad case of winter blues. The excitement of the holidays is long gone, the winter weather is usually dark and dreary, and New Year’s resolutions are starting to feel the strain.

The top resolution of the New Year is, you guessed, losing weight and getting in shape!


What if you learned that instead of giving up this resolution yet again this year, you could try a new approach? You can’t change the weather, you can’t move the holidays, but you can still find the right program to make lasting change in your healthy habits.
What if you learned that you can design your own program using the right approach, join others who will support you, and all this from the comfort of home?

Losing weight from the comfort of home can seem like a paradox. Home is where all the ’comfortable’ and less-than-optimal habits are at their strongest!  Changing oneself within the same old backdrop of people, schedules, obligations, temptations, and routines can seem like trying to move mountains, so, we tell ourselves, why bother?

Searching online can seem just as futile, where literally thousands of products, programs, communities, advertisements, specialists, and forums all try to get our attention. Getting a clear answer as to the return on the investment is a challenge, where big promises of weight loss are followed by disclaimers in small print and everyone makes the transformation look unrealistically easy.

Is there a better way, or even a way?

Vtrim© is worth knowing about. The main reason that diets tend to fail is that the dieter tries to adapt himself to the diet all alone using willpower and working against the odds, somewhat akin to suddenly turning a sailboat around and sailing right into the wind. Without much forethought, a diet is chosen and the individual ‘tries’ and, in 91% of cases, ‘fails.’

Neither the diet nor the dieter is at fault, it is just that the process has been started from the wrong end. Vtrim© has researched and tracked hundreds of individuals using an entirely different process based on personal empowerment in a small group setting. What supports lasting weight loss is an atmosphere of success long before action steps are taken. What Vtrim© does is teach important concepts, personalize the program within the group setting, maintain confidentiality, and leverage group support.

Most dieters don’t get much out of willpower in face of all the odds. What the Vtrim© 12 week course does is teach what you need besides willpower: the truth of calories in/calories out, how to be supermarket savvy, create positive self-image, set healthy boundaries, say no graciously in social settings, find the right exercise and where to start, set appropriate goals, create a positive self-image, prepare and recover from setbacks, and solve problems along the way.

How does it work?

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