Study: Diabetes Linked To Sexual Dysfunction In Women


Study: Diabetes Linked To Sexual Dysfunction In Women [EXPERT]
3 tips to improve your health ... and your sex life!

At home, let your food start to become a sensual pleasure for you and your partner. Try some of these ideas to get you both in the mood:

  1. Cook food that releases a comforting smell. What reminds you both of relaxing, warm, home-style, loving feelings? Could you both benefit from the delicious aroma of a roast chicken or colorful vegetable stir fry with an oriental touch? Was there something you ate before a romantic encounter together that brings back memories?
  2. Spice it up! Exotic is erotic. History shows that numerous spices, herbs and vegetables have been considered to be aphrodisiacs. Even potatoes, when new to Europe in the 16th century, were considered erotic. You may consider a curry dish, Thai dish or even try serving food on black, shiny plates. Ethiopian food is eaten with your fingers by rolling it up into flat bread — how inviting! 5 Tips For A Healthier Body & Brain
  3. Be a health nut. Healthy is sexy and will turn you both on. A healthy table is inviting and visually pleasing. Even if you are short on time, your food can be colorful, organic, fresh and well prepared. A fruit plate arranged in a seductive manner, perhaps?

Making food your friend is about celebrating the use of all of your senses. Being healthy does not have to be boring and managing difficulties around loss of sex drive due to diabetes does not have to be a lonely affair. A sense of community support, patience, understanding and an openness to new ways of feeling pleasure will get you back on track.

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