Don't Let Your Relationship Ruin Your Resolution


Don't Let Your Relationship Ruin Your Resolution [EXPERT]
Make a list and check it twice. Your partner can make or break your good intentions for next year.

4. Your partner goes the opposite direction as you. You feel that when you first were together, your habits were similar. Now that you are trying to change, he does the opposite! You get up early for a run, he sleeps late. You drink less alcoholic beverages and he drinks double. You get to bed on time as he stays up for the late show. You feel your partner is demonstrating against your improving self!

5. You secretly start to dislike or feel superior to your partner. The relationship drifts apart when one of you is on a self-improvement plan and the other is not and the communication is failing to find common ground. It's time for a talk and emotional honesty about the paths each one of you is pursuing and why.


How you can tell your relationship supports your success:

1. You like to do sports together. Not only do you have some physical fitness activities from earlier in the relationship, but you discover new ones together and enjoy the challenge. Weekends turn into long bike rides, a trip to the gym, a run in the afternoon. You share similar goals and getting active is a no-brainer.

2. Your partner is interested food and cooking. You both support healthy choices and he is interested in calorie and fat content, nutrition basics and healthy portion sizes. You find it easy and motivating to bring colorful vegetables to the table, and feel good for your efforts.

3. Your partner sets a good example for you and for your children. He finds appropriate time for healthy sleep, healthy exercise, healthy food, and a healthy mental and emotional outlook.

4. Your partner helps you to be accountable in a positive way. Instead of discussions about how you are at odds with one another, you encourage one another to be healthy in all respects, including regular physical checkups, vaccinations and well-kept medical records.

5. Your partner supports you if you experiment with new sports. Hot yoga? Zumba? Latin dance classes? You are covered. He even mentions your new sports to his friends in a positive way, and you appreciate his experimenting with new sports just the same.

Before writing those New Year's resolutions, check if you need to clear the path with your relationship first. If you're still feeling alone, sign up to find out more about our small groups for singles and couples who get together online to design healthy habits success in the New Year. Questions and comments are welcome below!

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