How To Eat Well & Lose Weight ... As A Couple


How To Eat Well & Lose Weight ... As A Couple [EXPERT]
4 tips for couples who want to lose weight and get healthy together!

Small changes are the best way to start, leaving room for small corrections along the way. You can maintain momentum by keeping changes not too from the comfort zone of each individual.

3. Find balance. There are as many motivators to losing weight as there are diets in the world. As much as a couple agrees on overreaching reasons to diet together, connect with your own inner desire to be well. 10 Easy Ways To Raise Positive, Happy And CONFIDENT Kids


Who are your role models? Is a trip to the gym with a close, same-sex friend something that is important to you? What obstacles do you face that your partner does not face, such as cookies at the office or cravings for chocolate?

Your healthy habits needs and obstacles as a couple will overlap, but probably not completely. Draw two circles on a piece of paper so they overlap somewhat. What topics do you share and what topics are exclusive to you? Success with your partner and with your health will come from creating this balance.

4. Remember: attitude is everything. A positive attitude goes along with positive mental, emotional and physical health. Setbacks come up, time is short, old habits show up, old friends invite you to the BBQ and willpower has a habit of not being around when you need it most.

You may find that a new recipe might not turn out, or one partner loses weight easily while the other struggles, or the fresh produce you bought goes rotten in the fridge, or the evening herbal tea just isn't the same as the trusty glass of red wine. But how you react and how you react as a couple sets the tone for things to come.

Each small effort is a victory and each setback is a learning experience. The key to success will be an attitude of joyful discovery—the healthiest habit of all.

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