How To Eat Well & Lose Weight ... As A Couple


How To Eat Well & Lose Weight ... As A Couple [EXPERT]
4 tips for couples who want to lose weight and get healthy together!

Will weight loss work out better if it is tackled alone or together as a couple? And how can a couple embark on a healthy habits lifestyle together?

Becoming a couple often comes at the price of weight gain. According to a CBS News Report from 2009, "Researchers tracked … the weight and relationship status of 6,949 individuals, and their findings don't bode well for commitment: not only are married people more likely to become obese than those who are just dating, but young women who move in with their partner tend to pack on the pounds, too." And, if one partner wants to lose weight and the other wants to stay the same, the couple can feel out of sync, leading to loneliness and frustration for both.


So, how do couples help one another to succeed in embarking on a sustainable healthy habits lifestyle? Are You An Emotional Eater? 7 Ways To Tell

1. Communicate. To get started, find a time to talk about the deeper values of going on a diet. Mistrust is easily created if thoughts like these come up: He wants to attract a new mate, or She will make me change my hamburgers and beer drinking and I will hate it, or She will have a new image that makes me feel left out, or Every mealtime is going to be such an argument at the table.

A conversation about losing weight should, at first, be about inner values. What are the main reasons for losing weight? To live long to be great grandparents one day? To eat in a way that is sustainable for the planet? To set a good example for the kids? To create a sense of natural celebration around mindful eating? To try a vegetable garden and homegrown aromatic herbs? To get a clean bill of health at the next checkup? Agree on the bigger goals first before discussing the way to get there.

2. Start small. It is a good idea to make initial change where it is easy. One partner might feel naturally inclined to try out a new juicer and breakfast smoothies while another might prefer going to the local tennis club to pick up some class schedules.

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