Marriage Is The Last Thing On Your Mind When You Can't Find A Job

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Marriage Is The Last Thing On Your Mind When You Can't Find A Job
The struggles to get started in life in today's economy and what it means for relationships

I feel for this generation. The 20s can be an exhilarating time of life, a time when you're making some of the biggest decisions of your life: where to work, whom to marry, whether to have kids, where to live. It can also be confusing and scary. This generation, however, has the added prospect of economic uncertainty rarely seen before. Their great-grandparents lived through the Depression and came out better for it, some say. But the difference today is that kids in the Depression moved from hardship to affluence as the postwar economy kicked into high gear. Today's generation is doing the opposite: they're moving from a childhood of affluence (even if only on paper) to a bleak economic future. That has to alter the equation.

Only time will tell how, and whether, they rebound. But I would wager that the path to relationships, partnerships, marriage and family is only going to get longer.

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