Why Your Teen Shouldn't Worry About Body Image


Why Your Teen Shouldn't Worry About Body Image [EXPERT]
Being thin doesn't necessarily mean you will attract your dream guy.

 We are a culture of women obsessed with our body weight, body image and the size of our various body parts with particular focus on thighs, butts and tummies. Unfortunately, by age 13, half of the teenage girl population dislike their bodies and by age it gets worse. 16 Ways To Feel Sexy In 5 Minutes Or Less

Now, we know that our daughters are bombarded with media images of models who are rail thin and that many of these models are either pre-pubertal, have terrible health habits or have eating disorders.12 Ways To Build Confidence In Your Relationship


Nonetheless, many mothers are concerned that their daughters remain thin so that they can have options in life-options to go on dates, options to decide whether or not to accept a prom invitation, and maybe even the option to hang out with the better looking boys. I do know that many mothers are concerned about their daughters' health and developing good eating and exercise habits. Think Positive! 3 Simple Steps To Improve Your Mood

I continue to remain perplexed about why so many women associate thinness with attractiveness. I am concerned that we have made the erroneous assumption that males will find our daughters more attractive if they are skinny. This is at odds with what the boys tell me; many of them say that they like women who are curvy.

I am not suggesting that we tell our daughters to base their appearance on what the males are attracted to, but have we ever even had the boys weigh in on this issue and should we?

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