Transformation and Healing through Love


In a special room in my house, I have the following saying framed, “Love me when I least deserve it, because that’s when I need it the most.”  I almost cried when I found this piece, knowing that I have been both the one who needed to feel loved, and the one who needed to share love with someone else.



Each of us throughout our lives has encountered someone who is troublesome or difficult to be around. They may be fighting addictions or anger issues. Perhaps it’s someone at work who you just can’t seem to get along with or a family member who breaks all the rules and is hard to deal with.  This may be anyone, a spouse or loved one, children, parents, friends, co-workers or  someone you love but you just don’t know how to be with them.  These are people who are painful to be around, or who cause you a lot of anxiety and struggle. You may even be that person to other people.


In his CD set titled, “The Secrets of an Inspirational (In-Spirit) Life”, Dr. Wayne Dyer shares the following story originally taken from a book called “Contact, The First Four Minutes” by Leonard Sunin (now out of print), about a tribe called the Babemba or Bemba, who make their home in an area of Africa that includes Zambia and the Congo.  The Babemba tribe of southern Africa has a social structure with an elementary criminal code. Their close community living makes harshness unnecessary. A visitor was deeply impressed by the tribe's handling of antisocial and/or delinquent behaviors, which are exceedingly infrequent.


As you read the following, just bring to mind this difficult person or people in your life in which you want to be a source of inspiration and understanding, or who you just want to know how to be with:


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