Preparing Food with Love, an Exercise in Mindfulness


Make sure you are in a good mood when you’re cooking. Even if all you are doing is cutting up vegetables for a salad, do it from a good place, think positive thoughts, focus on something you feel good about or play your favorite music.



Create a sense of beauty while you eat.  Whether you live alone or have many people in your family, you can always create a beautiful table.  Instead of eating out of a to-go box, eat your food on a pretty plate, put a flower on the table, light a candle, use nice glassware.  Play calming music while you eat and give a word of thanks prior to eating.  Practice thinking about positive things while you eat or talking about positive things with those you are eating with.  Allow your meal to be an intentional and enjoyable event.


Slow down.  We are all used to eating so quickly that our bodies don’t even get a chance to digest our food properly. Practice taking your time while eating.


Eat healthy, organic food whenever possible, in order to avoid any sprays or pesticides as these too have a negative affect on the body. 


Avoid fast food and microwaving.  By the time either of these end up in your mouth, all the enzymes and life of the food is gone.  Energetically, this is nowhere near as healing as non-processed food.


Eat live food whenever possible.  Eating fresh fruits and vegetables is like eating sunlight when it comes to healthy eating. 


Most of all, enjoy your meal.  Food is one of the gifts we get to enjoy while we are here in the physical body, so use it to honor your body, choose wisely what you put into your mouth as well as how much you eat. Remember that “your stomach is the size of your fist, not a wheel barrel” as Wayne Dyer says.


Drink a lot of water. It works to cleanse the body. Remember that we are made up of 75-80% water.


Remember, how we do anything is how we do everything. This is a practice in mindfulness, and it can be applied to every area of your life. When we come from a place of intention, love and kindness, our hearts expand, and our lives become more rich and full.

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