Preparing Food with Love, an Exercise in Mindfulness


But most valuable, was learning the importance of cooking with a particular mindset.  What I mean is that when a person cooks with love, the food tastes differently than when it’s prepared out of a feeling of unhappiness or resentment.  I decided early on to cook when I was in a better mood, because the food carried the energy of my thinking, feeling self.  Now this might sound strange, but let me explain a little further.  Gregg Braden, a New York Times best selling author who is internationally renowned as a pioneer in bridging science and spirituality, discusses the now scientific fact that we all have an electro-magnetic field around our hearts.  And very simply stated, what this means is that however we are feeling, whatever our emotions or state of mind, that feeling is emanated out through our hearts and into our environment.  This has been able to be measured, and I’m sure that we all know the feeling of being around someone and immediately getting a sense about them. 



As it relates to food as shown in the movie, Like Water for Chocolat, our emotions have a direct effect on that which we are cooking with our own hands.  If I cook a pie from scratch, and I have beautiful music playing and I am happy about cooking, knowing I will get to share this pie with people I care about, then I am putting positive energy into my cooking.  If I am preparing a meal but I’m in an unhappy mood and all I can think about are more things that are making me unhappy, then that is what I am putting into my meal.  Have you ever wondered why when two people make the exact same recipe, it tastes different?  Consider the idea that both people, though following the same recipe, were in two different emotional places when they made it.


So how can you work with this idea?  Let me suggest a few things below to try the next time you are making a meal because remember that cooking is also an act of creativity.


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