Preparing Food with Love, an Exercise in Mindfulness


I love food.  I don’t mean that I love it a little…I mean I LOVE it a lot.  And, over the years, I have realized how something seemingly as simple as cooking can make all the difference in a meal and in your environment.



Thinking back to when I was a young girl, I have the fondest memories of cooking with my parents, both of who were great cooks, and still are. My Mom was a great cook and baker. She made everything from home-made bread, to cookies and pies, as well as hearty salads and soups that would warm you from the inside out.  There wasn’t anything she couldn’t do in the kitchen, and she always did it with the most organic, healthy, herbal ingredients she could get her hands on. My Dad was the expert at Italian and Armenian food. Taught by his parents who had a restaurant when he was a boy, he could make a spaghetti dish or Koofta that would make your taste buds sing.


I always wanted to help them cook, and they always let me.  At an early age I began learning the techniques of cooking, for example knowing when to knead the dough, how long to let it rise, and how to be gentle so that the yeast would respond.  I learned that slow cooking would enhance the flavor of a tomato sauce and that overcooking things would remove all the good enzymes.


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