The Importance of Dreaming


2.      When you write the dream, write it in the present tense, not in the past tense.  It is very helpful in showing how you really feel about things, and it helps us to see the dream itself more clearly.



3.      Describe any feelings or emotions you felt in the dream.   Make the dream a very real explanation of how you felt in it.  If you were scared, yet felt a strong inner strength, write it that way.  If you were happy, but apprehensive, state that.  The feelings are very important.


4.      Write the details of the dream as best you can.  Maybe you see an animal that is very unique or different.  Write down what makes the image different, including colors, smells, sounds or whatever comes to mind.  Incorporate all the senses in your description.  Include the landscape in which the dream takes place; was it the desert or the ocean, a city or a park, your childhood home or an office.


I am sure that once you start giving extra attention to your dreams, you will find them to be most insightful and a guiding force in your everyday life.

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