The Importance of Dreaming


  • To allow ourselves the delight of paying attention to our dreams, we need to first shift our perception about dreams.  Create a sense of adventure within yourself as if you are embarking upon a new journey, and be willing to see undiscovered parts of yourself. 


  • Choose a special dream journal and pen that will be used only for the purpose of writing down your dreams. This kind of intention sets the stage for your dreams to be remembered as they are given special care and attention.  And you will find that the more attention to give to them, the more often they will be remembered.



  • Keep your dream journal open with your pen nearby and a flash light by your bed.  This will keep your unconscious and conscious mind reminded that you want to remember your dreams.  As you fall asleep every night, create intention by telling yourself that you will remember your dreams in the morning. Repeat this a few times, as it will sink into your subconscious and work with you to remember your dreams.


  • Basic health measures can help you in remembering your dreams.  It is important to eat a balanced diet, full of vitamins and nutrients to help keep you mindful and strong on your new dream journey. 


Once you start remembering your dreams, the way in which you record them is also very important.


1.      Each night, write the date at the top of the page of your dream journal, then write a few things about your day.  These are called “Day Notes”.   It doesn’t have to be detailed, just write about any of the highlights. This helps when you are working on the dream to see if there is a correlation between your waking life and your dream messages.  In addition, you can also write a few lines about an issue you would like your dreams to help you better understand and resolve.


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