Choosing from Your Authentic Self


  1. Be Bold - Live, speak, and act with courage, passion and truth.  Live your life fully by going for what you want in your work and in your life.  When you fall down, get back up, as many times as it takes, just keep getting back up.


  1. Celebrate Who You Are.  Remember that you are an extension of the divine source of all that is.  Appreciate and honor the person you are, the things that you do, and the gifts that you have to share.  Celebrating yourself is not about Ego, it is not about being arrogant. Instead, it is an awareness of your own power and it is the key to your self confidence, fulfillment and authenticity.



Being your authentic self is not for the faint of heart, but once you’re willing to truly engage and do the work to become more real – your life, your work, and your relationships will be more exciting, meaningful and fulfilling.


And remember, whenever you think it’s hard to be authentic, just remember how much harder it is not to be, because being authentic is an incredibly powerful place to be.

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