Choosing from Your Authentic Self


Let me share with you what happens to us energetically and vibrationally in these circumstances. First, whenever we make a choice based on approval, we are looking outside of ourselves to feel good.  The challenge with this way of thinking is that as soon as we allow others to decide for us, we hand over responsibility for our choices to that other person or people, therefore giving away our power.  One of the fundamental keys in working with the Law of Attraction, and our personal development on any level, is to take 100% responsibility for ourselves, our lives, our actions, reactions, choices, beliefs and decisions. Remember, we are always teaching others how to treat us by the way we treat ourselves. So whether we allow ourselves to be talked into something, or are just unable to say no, we have to start by acknowledging that this is still our decision and our choice.  Our personal power begins to be restored when we acknowledge that no one else can make our choices for us.



If we choose to say “yes” but then feel our vibration drop into the lower energies such as guilt, fear or powerlessness, then we immediately know, based on our emotions or feelings about the choice, that we have gone against our authentic self. We then begin vibrating that lower emotion out to the universe, which in turn is responded to by being met with the same vibration. The same situations then begin to continue showing up, again, and again, and again.  We then start to feel as though we are wearing a sign that says, “Just ask me, I can’t say no!” and we are met with more frustration.


So what can we do to shift this habit, and how can we learn to choose differently?  We begin by checking in with ourselves first before we commit to anything and see how we “feel” about the request.  If we know that we are choosing to do it out of approval and it doesn’t feel good, then we are consciously lowering our vibration. If we say, “let me think about it”, we’ve then given ourselves the time to stop, and think about what we really want to do, and then respond appropriately. Or ultimately, we just respond with the truth about how we’re feeling by coming from our authentic selves. In this case, we have deliberately chosen the highest vibration.  Choosing based on authentic self, on what feels good, right and healthy for us, raises our vibration which in turn, is met with more of the same vibration. This is the Law of Attraction at work.


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