Initiating an Intimate Relationship With a Woman


Sure it can be difficult to talk about sex because you weren't given courses in school on how to do it. And most likely, your parents didn't give you much help in this area, either. You’ll have to work at it, exploring as you go along, picking up on where to head next by the reactions of your partner. The key ingredient is that you can’t go into a relationship expecting to know a gal’s needs by osmosis, nor can you expect her to know your needs.

In lovemaking, being aware of this ahead of time can make you a powerful lover. Failure to pick up this knowledge can make you the bumbling guy that can't measure up to her expectations. One good start (if it is sincere) is to explain to a woman how much you respect her and want to please her. Just be careful and really mean it, because this line can be seen as that of the smooth-talking man, only interested in a quick one-night stand. If you don’t mean it, don’t say it, because nothing turns a woman off faster than an insincere man interested only in sex. Sincerity builds confidence. If you believe in what you say it makes it easier for others to follow along.


As you ask what she likes in the way of sex, go slowly; the more time you take, the more excitement you build up, and the more barriers you break down. Tantalize your partner with the possibility you can fulfill her wildest dreams and fantasies. Think of this as verbal foreplay because it is just that important to pleasing a woman.

Here are some verbal tips for you: give her plenty of physical, emotional and appreciative compliments in bed and make her feel like a queen. Don’t ever compare her to an old lover or criticize her body. Always let her know that she is a great lover and that you want to please her. These tips will help her to become less inhibited sexually and more adventurous with you. Taking the time to talk about her fantasies or desires can help you to make her feel good.

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