How To Give Your Lover A Massage


How To Give Your Lover A Massage


If you have ever kneaded pizza or bread dough, then this technique will be a breeze; but if you haven’t, try squeezing your partner’s back and buttocks between your thumb and fingers in a flowing motion (not too hard) with one hand and then with the other hand.  Now slide your hands to another area on the back and repeat until your lover has been well kneaded from neck to buttocks.  The fleshy parts of the body like the buttocks can stand more pressure, so feel free to squeeze just a little harder and gently spread the cheeks as you knead.  This can be very exciting for the receiver.

Feather Stroke

Before you move onto the thighs, caress your partner’s neck, shoulders, arms, back and buttocks with your fingertips in a feather stroke for at least five minutes.  If you have fingernails, then gently scratch your lover with them.  You can do this in circular motions, long fluid motions, or from side to side.  Let your light, tickly strokes and caresses create sensual anticipation for your lover as he/she won’t know where you are going to tickle, scratch, or touch next.  If you have medium to long hair and you don’t mind getting oil in it, then I highly recommend you use your hair to caress your lover’s body.  It is very erotic and highly memorable.


Moving Down to the Feet

You’ll probably need more oil now so don’t forget to put it in your hands first, then onto your lover’s body.  Now do the hand slide technique on the thigh and calf in slow motion.  Follow this with the kneading stroke and then the feathery one.  Do one leg at a time.  The feet are a major erogenous zone so let’s give those tootsies some attention.  Take one foot at a time and smother it in oil, spreading it around the ankle, the heel and in between the toes.  Now use the palm of your hand to slide over the bottom of your lover’s foot back and forth about four times.  Then gently rotate every toe clockwise and anti-clockwise and finally slither your forefinger between each toe.

Turn your Lover Over

Your lover will probably have a smile on his/her face because your massage is so relaxing and sensual.  So let’s continue the massage by focusing on the stomach and chest/breasts.  Rub plenty of massage oil in your hands and then put your hands lightly on top of the belly button, slowly sliding them up the center of your lover’s stomach and around their nipples, then back down to the belly button.  Do this at least five times because it feels really good and it’s moving energy around the body.  Be very gentle around female breasts.  The male chest can handle a firmer stroke. In fact the male chest can even handle some kneading whereas feather strokes are more appropriate and pleasurable on and around the female breasts.  If you have medium to long hair and you don’t mind getting oil in it, then I highly recommend you use your hair to caress your lover’s body.  It feels highly erotic.

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