The Difference Between Cheating and Sex Addiction


I know another couple whose definition of cheating includes fantasizing and flirting with someone else. They keep each other on a short leash, but it works for them. So, the lesson here is to know your limits including relationship deal breakers and tell yourpartner because they can’t read your mind. Most people cheat for situational reasons when they are not getting all their needs met at home. They often react to an unhappy relationship and cheating can be a cry for help from someone who feels neglected, undesirable and unloved by their partner. Cheating can be brought on simply by emotional neglect and have nothing to do with sex, on the other hand cheaters often have a mismatched sex drive with their partner. So they seek
extramarital sex, but they feel satisfaction after sex unlike an addict who may never feel satisfied. Cheaters can also change when their situation improves at home


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