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It's a good idea to take your own car - you can leave whenever you want and stay only as long as you want.A lot of date rapes are induced by drugs and alcohol, so the obvious steps to take are to be very careful not to drink too much or accept any kind of pills from anyone accept your doctor.

If you have had a previous abusive relationship, do not confide in a new date. By letting them know that you allowed someone to abuse you, you are in essence telling them that they can do the same thing and they won't respect you as much. Trust is something that has to be earned so don't trust everyone you come in contact with because they might just use your weaknesses against you.




* Build anticipation by kissing all around your lover's face.
* Trace the outline of your lover's lips with the tip of your tongue.
* Begin your kiss slowly and gently with emotion and sensitivity.
* Kiss without using your tongue, slightly open mouthed, with sweet breath.
* Take your lover's bottom lip between the two of yours and suck gently.
* While kissing, lick you lover's teeth with your tongue.
* To increase sexual excitement, make your kiss wet.
* Wrap you're your lips around your lover's tongue and suck passionately.
* Follow your lover's kissing techniques and emulate them.
* Use hot or cold liquids to create erotic sensations.


THE BEST WAY TO SET THE MOOD FOR LOVE - Stimulate all five senses:

* Hearing - music and love-talk before, during, and after.
* Smell - flowers, incense, and favorite perfume or cologne.
* Sight - pretend someone special is going to be staying in your bedroom, add ornaments and candles, (a candle can turn a plain room into a romantic one).
* Touch - oils, lotions, powder, satin sheets, and lingerie.
* Taste - order in a gourmet dinner or buy favorite snacks and drinks (never make love on an empty stomach)



* Don’t answer the phone or pager.
* If you have children, tell them mom and dad need to have their private play time.
* Turn the TV off.



* Men should learn to undress a woman slowly and appreciate every part of her skin before making love to her. Every man should be able to remove a woman’s bra with one hand in the dark.
* Bubble baths are so romantic if only men would try them.
* Phone calls during the day to prepare your lover for the evening’s events are very effective.
* Bring home little trinkets for no special reason.

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