What People Don’t Know About Losing A Pet


What People Don’t Know About Losing A Pet
What People Don’t Know About Losing A Pet

By: Stan Popovich

As an author of a managing fear book, I have lost a few pets and it was very tough to get over. Anyone who loses a pet knows how difficult it can be to get over a loss. People tell you that they are sorry for your loss but the grief doesn’t go away. What can you do other than talk to a grief counselor and find ways to manage your grief. I took a different route in dealing with my grief.

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I interviewed many priests and ministers before I published my managing fear book. I also did much research about dying since many people are afraid of death. Based on my research and interviews over the years, I realized that there is almost a 99% certainty that if you believe in God and go to Heaven you will see your beloved pets along with your loved ones.

Many people will say that animals do not go to heaven. Here are some reasons  why I disagree.

As Christians we are taught God is all powerful and can do anything he wants. He controls the Heavens And The Earth.  Regardless what people think, God has the power to have a special place in heaven for all of his animals he created including our pets. People on earth call it “Rainbow Bridge”. Regardless of the name, God has the sole authority to create such a place regardless what people may think.

The Bible talks about all the different animals and creatures he created on Earth. There is also a Special Saint To The Animals called St. Francis of Assisi. A person can do some research regarding this Saint and make their own conclusions whether there are animals in heaven.

There are parts of the Bible that does mention animals and heaven and the church also talks about this topic.  Again, a person can talk to their clergyman about this topic and make their own conclusions.

Finally, God Is an all loving God and his love of animals is important. Why would he not have a place in heaven for all of God’s loving creatures?

I read the Bible and I talked to many people regarding this subject for a long time. Based on all of this research, I would say there is a 99% percent certainty that our pets will be there when we die.  The Bible talks about seeing our loved ones when we die, so why not our pets.

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The Fact is God/Jesus is the sole authority over all of the Heavens. There will always be people who don’t believe in God let alone whether there are animals  in Heaven. We all have a choice to put our Faith and Trust in God/Jesus or listen to our friends and people who lack the faith of God and all of his power.

I decided I will put my faith and trust In God and that we will eventually reunite with our loved ones and pets. Knowing and understanding this  fact that you will see your beloved pets again goes a long way in dealing with your grief of losing a pet. Although animals don’t have souls, there is nothing stopping God from creating a place in heaven for our beloved pets with a click of his finger.  Put your faith in God  and remember that nothing is impossible with the power of God.

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