Managing Fear Book Very Popular On Amazon


Managing Fear Book Very Popular On Amazon
Managing Fear Book Very Popular On Amazon

By: Stan Popovich

Stan Popovich’s popular book “A Layman’s Guide to Managing Fear Using Psychology, Christianity and Non Resistant Methods” has gathered many positive reviews on Amazon. Mr. Popovich’s book focuses on various techniques on how to manage fear, anxiety, stress, addiction, and depression. Stan’s book is located at  and there are even some free mental health articles for anyone to read. Stan is available for interviews and here are some of the many positive reviews the author has received.


Small but Powerful
This small guide on overcoming fear makes several salient and powerful points. Popovich offers cognitive strategies - how to think one's way out of fear - in straightforward terms. He brings clarity and simplicity to interventions that often take full books to describe: a mindful approach, a cognitive behavioral intervention, a positive psychology strategy. But my favorite intervention offered by Popovich is the spiritual approach - a technique that is generally overlooked despite its positive effects overwhelmingly validated in the psychological research literature. Reliance upon God has been shown again and again to strengthen psychological coping mechanisms and physical well-being, reducing stress, anxiety, depression and illness. Popovich shows the reader how to connect to God in a meaningful way so that true inner security is established.
By: Sarah Chana Radcliffe, author "The Fear Fix: Solutions for Every Child's Moments of Worry, Panic and Fear"- Posted On Amazon

Hope and relief from general anxiety
Mr Popovich's "Layman's Guide" presents several cognitive-behavioral techniques for overcoming non-traumatic anxiety in language accessible to the regular person. He also shares a religious perspective that will comfort many readers. Along with a sort of atlas for persons seeking to overcome their anxiety, Popovich provides HOPE; probably the most powerful gift for folks in extreme discomfort.-----Robert Michael Cox-Posted On Amazon

Excellent Book
Having read the book ' A Layman's Guide to managing Fear' it is so well written and easy to understand. As humans we all have our FEARS and look for ways to cope. I would recommend this book/kindle to everyone. I look forward to reading many more books by Stanley Popovich--Jenny-- Posted On Amazon

Good basic introduction to managing fear
Stanley Popovich, in his book "A layman's guide to managing fear using psychology, Christianity and non resistant methods" does a decent job of helping the average person understand fear from a psychological and non-resistant methods perspective.
As far as Christian books that attempt to bridge the gap between psychology and the church's teaching on how to manage fear, he does a better job than any other text I have personally reviewed. He manages to introduce biblical texts on how God sees fear and anxiety in a way that are non-condemning and are encouraging.--- S. Thomas-- Posted On Amazon

A Must read for anyone suffering from anxiety disorder

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