Surviving Breast Cancer and Your Relationships Too


Surviving Breast Cancer and Your Relationships Too

When I was diagnosed the first person I told was my office manager. Fortunately, she had a friend who was also a breast cancer survivor and she put me in touch with her. I was able to glean a realistic perspective of what I was in for. But more importantly, the office manager encouraged me to take all the time I needed to get well and assured me that my job would be secure while I went through treatment. Since my name isn’t Oprah, my boyfriend’s name wasn’t Stedman -- and I was a single parent, job security was a very real concern for me. (I actually met Stedman later and I just like mentioning this iconic power couple.)

When going through treatment for cancer or similar conditions, physical changes that occur are usually temporary. Once the treatment has been completed, things go back to normal. It takes a little time but the human body is pretty adept at righting itself. It likes to adhere to the original DNA plan of your body’s make-up, it knows when you’ve done something to change it, and it goes to work to fix it back the way it’s supposed to be – to the extent that it can be fixed.

Patience really is a virtue and your mate, family, friends and co-workers must exercise the same patience that you must have. When they do, you’ll all get through this whole traumatic experience intact. It will be a challenge, but you will have done it together and your relationship might even be stronger for it.

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