I Believe In Miracles: 5 Steps To Making The Impossible Happen


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Crazy things occur when you drown out fear and let in the love.

Step Three: Surrender your fear. The third step to working miracles is to surrender. Surrendering comes through prayer. Simply say a prayer to God, the Universe, angels, Grandma (whomever you like to talk to) asking for a miracle. You might say something like this: "I need a hook-up. Things aren't working out and fear has consumed my mind. I surrender my will. I ask for a miracle." Give up your fear fully and let the Universe do her thing.

Step Four: Receive perfect love. The course teaches, "The only remedy for lack of love is perfect love." Once you open your energy to receive a miracle a lot will begin to shift. If you surrender fully you'll recognize your fear and resentments as not real. You will no longer feel connected to fear. You will be inspired to forgive, choose love and release attack. You will welcome perfect love. This doesn’t require any work on your end. Just stay committed to love and the miracle will occur naturally.


Step Five: Expect crazy sexy miracles! We must commit to working miracles for the practice to become involuntary. The goal is to practice surrendering your fear to love all the time. The more you practice, the more you can expect crazy sexy miracles.

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