What To Do With The Guy In The Bar


What To Do With The Guy In The Bar
What to do with that guy in the bar that you can't keep your eye off of.

However, don’t miss the opportunity if he acts as though he wants to be apart of the group and then by all means invite him over. If you bring him over make sure you walk with him and introduce him to everyone at the table. Remember the way you tell him that you are a woman of quality is to immediately show him with your actions. Now is the time to make sure he feels included, respected and comfortable. Make him feel comfortable around your friends or girlfriends, and make sure he’s included in the group’s conversations. This will put him at ease and he’ll see that you are definitely interested in getting to know him more. After you have introduced him treat him like an old friend who you have not seen in a long time. This means you are excited to see him and you can’t wait to hear what he has been up to lately.

Remember that being single is supposed to be about having FUN. Being out with your friends doesn’t mean you can’t be looking to meet and make new friends. You never know where or when that someone new will come into your life and what their role will be in the future.


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