Top 5 Must Do’s to Make Men Want YOU!


Top 5 Must Do’s to Make Men Want YOU!
Women and intimacy. Those two words go hand in hand much like peanut butter and jelly.

4. Not Giving Him Space: Again, there are some fundamental differences between men and women. Women love to bond by being together a lot. Women love being in close proximity all the time. Men do not! While they might be crazy about their lady, they don’t want her up under him all the time. Men need space, and lots of it. When they want to hang out with the fellas, they don’t want a third wheel. You will be that third wheel if you invade his man space with the fellas. Men don’t need to be hunted. They are the hunters and they will come to you when they are ready, and interested.

5. Making Him Feel Inept or Inadequate: The other side of the needy/insecure coin is the woman who is a control freak. She will control her man’s choice of clothes, his car, his home, his manner of speech, etc. His choices aren’t good enough, or up to her standards. Or, she decides to mother or smother him. If you are a woman like this, ask yourself why your man would want to date his mother? If you are with anyone halfway normal, he doesn’t! So if you heed no other advice, STOP MOTHERING HIM! Realize that your control issues are frankly ma’am, out of control.


If you are guilty of any of these things, don’t lose all hope. Email me anytime at and ask me questions so I can help you in this area.

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