Get Comfortable With Yourself And Sex [Video]


Get Comfortable With Yourself And Sex [Video]
Let’s go for it. Let’s talk about that big, uncomfortable word “Sex.” Yes, I said it – Sex!

So now, let’s go for it. Let’s talk about that big, uncomfortable word “Sex.” Yes, I said it – Sex! We all need to think out of the box, get rid of the taboos and realized we deserve to have great, screaming, tension releasing sex, every day if we want to! There is nothing wrong with it. As a matter of fact, sex is important for emotional health and well being. It can even (Yippee) help you lose weight. Ate too much at dinner? No problem – have sex :-)

It’s also a much known fact that the more sex you have the more the opposite sex will be attracted to you. Sex works with your body releasing pheromones and other chemicals that attract the opposite sex, kind of like catnip to a cat.


You should never be afraid to tell your partner specifically what you’d like to explore during sex. Find out what rings your bell. The possibilities are endless. If it doesn’t hurt anyone you should be able to do it or at least try it, and see if it’s what you thought it would be.

If you are just starting to think outside the box sexually its important to find out what makes pushing your buttons sexually by experimenting with masturbation. This one word has always been a big taboo that most don’t like to talk about. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it. It is the perfect way to explore yourself by touch and find out your favorite places. It’s fun, exciting and eye opening. Masturbation will teach you all you need to know about what feels the best to you. When you’re ready to move on to a partner or even spice up the life you have with a current partner, you’ll know what works for you and can give your partner some tips. Most men are looking for guidance when it comes to pleasing their women. If you don’t share what you want or like with them, you can end up spending bored moments of just wanting it to be over. This is not necessary. Let your body teach you all about yourself, then share it with any partner you desire. Of course, there’s a lot to learn so you can stay in your own personal private training as long as you like.

So, get comfortable with yourself, your body, and sex. These simple steps will broaden your sexual horizons whether you’re single or with the love of your life.

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