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Relationships and Astrology


In Astrology of Relationships, the horoscope sign is one of, but not the most predominant factor in how compatible you and your partner are. The connection between Sun and Moon in your chart, and how they relate is one of the important factors. In woman's chart Sun symbolizes man in her life, husband or any other important male figure, and Moon symbolizes emotions, soul and female energy. For instance if you have a Pisces Sun, your husband to be need not be a Pisces, but he could be any one of the many things ruled by this creative and artistic sign: a musician, psychiatrist, photographer, writer etc., or his personality may show some of the traits generally associated with Pisces. Often people wonder "why my relationship doesn't work, or why he/she is mean to me?" Usually answer on that would be consideration of the afflictions to the Moon in natal horoscope, of course and several other factors. Yours truly AstroCoach Ilina