Summer Luvin', Had Me A Blast...


Summer Luvin', Had Me A Blast...

And we’re definitely not implying that a man is the only person who can have some intimate fun without repercussions.

It’s simply important for a woman to be aware of her behavior and how it’s affecting her emotionally when embarking on a vacation that she intends to pepper with sexual flings. We’re talking about Mars and Venus here – men are still men and women are still women – behaviors and interpretations are traditionally not similar, especially when it comes to sex.


If a woman is undeniably attracted physically to a man she’s just met, that’s a-ok. A woman can run with this feeling and enjoy the intimacy on vacation, but she needs to remember that she’s experiencing the blowtorch effect. A man has turned her on physically immediately and this is a clear sign that she is more interested in the fantasy of him than in the man himself.

Daydreams are worth it. They’re fun and they’re exciting. But if a woman’s heart is delicate on her vacation, she needs to treat it with care and tread cautiously.Have fun, but be mindful of the consequences.

Whether you’re male or female, if you find yourself on vacation with a burning question about an encounter that’s about to happen or has already happened and now has you confused, don’t hesitate to call an Ask Mars Venus coach. Our expertly-trained coaches are available seven days a week, 18 hours a day and their advice is solution-oriented. They will provide you with the tools to enjoy the rest of your vacation without questions, doubt, or reservations.

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