5 Ways to Drive Your Man Away


5 Ways to Drive Your Man Away

4. Asking him with "Could you ...?"

When asking him for something, do you use the words "could you ... ?" It may seem like a minor point, but when you say, "could you take the trash out?" you're questioning whether or not he is capable of doing it. This is offensive to him. Instead, ask "would you take the trash out for me?" This shows you have confidence in him to handle the job and will be pleased to have him do it for you.


5. Remember, pleasing you is what pleases him

Many women are unaware of what really turns men on in bed. One of his biggest turn-on's is knowing he is giving pleasure to you. He wants to see you aroused, excited, fulfilled. So, instead of worrying about pleasing him… Let him please you. When you receive the secrets of successful relationships, you'll learn to communicate your desires and other secrets to great sex!

Try to avoid these 5 behaviors that drive men away and your relationship will be more successful, and your overall happiness will be greater.

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