A Room of One's Own


A Room of One's Own
A room of your own? It’s a must! Literal or virtual--no matter. It's a gift you give yourself.

Neil reached into a pocket and pulled out two pairs of ear plugs; one psychedelic green, the other bright orange. “Here you go,” he said, dropping them into Anita’s hand. “Take your pick. Even with earplugs I can still hear Puff the Magic dragons.”

She chose the psychedelic green and handed back the orange set. As they left my office they were all laughing. “Could we come back next week, just to check in?” Of course.


A room of one’s own: For some the concept is nebulous and theoretical, a puzzle, or even metaphorical. For others, it is clear and concrete.

Some say, "There isn't a chance!" or "Not in my lifetime!" or "Boy, do I wish!" Others jump at the opportunity and make it happen. I had no doubt that these three would do just that.

Do you have a room of your own? It’s a must! Literal or virtual--no matter. Either way, it’s a gift you give yourself.

Ah, yes. In my old room that wasn't really a room—I could dream. Oh, how I could dream! In that room I began to learn that there are always options, that everything is possible in some form or another, that the impossible just takes a little longer, and that scarcity can be turned into abundance if you are really committed to making that happen. Hmmm. I think I’ll take a short break and go there for a few minutes right now.



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