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What I Know About Love

The one thing you must do to attract the love of your dreams, the Big Love that will last a lifetime

Love is a feeling.

Love is a behavior.

Love is a choice.

Love is connection.

Love is the juiciest part of life.

Love opens our hearts, expands our world, and brings a smile to our lips.

For love we make commitments and agreements to share our life with another in good times and in bad.

When we pledge our love to another we say to them:

I will love you on your good days and your bad days.

I will be your "safe place to land." 

I will share with you my attention, affection and appreciation.

With you I will become a better woman and with me, you will become a better man.

I will be your best friend, lover, partner and protector.

(and, if things don't work out I won't "sell you out.")

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