3 Secrets To Get A High Quality Woman

3 Secrets To Get A High Quality Woman

Men, pay attention. I share some great tips here for you.

A high quality woman is the type of woman that you normally don't meet at a bar, club or party. This type of woman usually hangs out with her girlfriends, at the yoga studio, Whole Foods or a women's business event. One thing you'll notice about her is her positive energy and the happiness that radiates from her.

I know many of these amazing and awesome women because they are my clients, friends and in my social network. I meet these women weekly and when I travel. Problem is many of these gorgeous and amazing women are single!

Do you want the inside secret on what this type of woman is looking for in a man? Shhhh! Can you keep a secret? If so, continue reading to learn what women really want in a man. 

  1. Quality Connection: In the past, it was the man's role to financially provide for the women and children. The modern woman enjoys making her own money. She will also gladly accept a gift or a dinner out if that is what you want to provide for her. Want to learn secret number one? The modern woman wants a quality connection with you. The limbic region of the woman's brain is twice the size of a man's. The limbic region is in charge of feelings and connection. The nature of a woman is to connect. She wants to share feelings. If you learn how to provide "connection" with a  woman, then she can feel safe with you.
  2. Trust: I know you men are visual. When you first see a woman, you check her physical appearance. If you aren't physically attracted to a woman, then you won't be sexually attracted to her. For a woman, the key to attraction is through her heart. Make her feel safe. Connect to her. Make her feel special. If a woman can trust you, then you open up a whole new universe with her....in more ways than one. 
  3. Notice Her Beauty: When your woman is happy, then you are happy. You are happier when your woman is happy and content. One way to make her happy is by complimenting your woman. "I love that color on you. That brings out your eyes." When you authentically compliment a woman, she will notice that you are paying attention to her. Notice how much happier your woman is when you compliment her. She will have a glow about her for days. Hint, hint! 

Now that you have learned these powerful secrets to capture a quality woman's attention, please put them to use. Stick with me, I will share with you the keys to the kingdom!

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