Is Your Partner An Energy Vampire?


Is Your Partner An Energy Vampire?
Stealing energy is abuse, and is dangerous for the victim. Is your partner stealing yours?

The Poor Me: Gets others’ energy by complaining, telling you all the horrible things that happened/is happening/will happen to them, and makes you believe it is partly your fault, unless you help them.

While writing that article, I can litterally visualize you putting names on each profile (“That is exactly my partner!”, “Oh yes, my mother always does that!…”)… Very well, because that was my goal! Learn how to recognize the energy thieves, young and old.


But now, think about your own profile. Do you recognize yourself in one (or more) of these descriptions ? If the answer is yes, it is time to change your behavior. Your relationships will benefit wonderfully...

Our energy fields constantly mingle, intertwine, and influence each other. Help yourself, and help others by gorging yourself with energy without stealing it.

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