Why His Bedpost Notches Don't Matter


Why His Bedpost Notches Don't Matter
Here's why don't need to feel uncomfortable about his (or your) sex number ever again.

If you're worried that he doesn't take relationships seriously, and that he's only attached to you for the sex, you should really be talking to him about this. You can't judge him on past relationships or be critical of his previous affinity for casual sex. Every relationship is different, and everyone has been through many different phases of life. His behavior and connection with you is the only thing that matters.

You Cannot Get Honey From a Hornet's Nest
Everyone has a past. As you get older (and you accumulate more embarrassing, desperate or misguided choices in your life, as we all do), you'll realize how little it matters and how unfair it is to judge someone accordingly. If you honestly can't handle the thought of your loverboy in the arms of another woman (even if it happened a long time ago), maybe it's time to start dating virgins. And that's a whole different box of hornets. Good luck.


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