Why Time Apart Is The Best Way To Stay Together


Why Time Apart Is The Best Way To Stay Together
Are you worried because your boyfriend likes to spend some time away from you? Don’t be.

Sometimes we forget that we need attention from ourselves. Alone time is a necessity (for some people more than others). There are certain therapeutic behaviors that we all need in order to unwind. For example, you might need to eat a bunch of frosting and have a good cry. No, not the kind of cry that you can have in front of your boyfriend. An all-out, face-scrunching, gasping, snotty, Fox-and-the-Hound cry, where you hold nothing back and feel amazing afterwards. As a by-product, this activity makes you look disgusting, so make sure to schedule some time by yourself to take care of this kind of emotional housekeeping.

It’s great that you guys can spend a lot of time together. It will strengthen your bond and help your relationship progress. Just don’t forget that to keep yourselves and your relationship healthy, you need to take little breaks here and there.

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