The Secret List of What Guys Like About You


The Secret List of What Guys Like About You
Here are all the surprising ways you're seducing him without even knowing it.

[Contributed by: Most Brave Girl]

If you’re dating a new guy, chances are he’s been admiring these charming habits of yours. Here’s the secret list of what guys like the most about you.


  1. He loves when you really laugh, like a big, stupid belly laugh that makes it obvious that you’re truly enjoying yourself. Bonus points if you’re laughing at something he said.
  2. He loves hearing you talk about stuff you like. It doesn’t matter if you’re an expert on bees or mexican ghost stories or Roald Dahl. If it gets you excited when you talk, he’s going to want to hear about it. He might get distracted when your passion for the subject matter gets you breathy and flushed, but he’ll try his best to listen for a little while.
  3. He loves it when you’re having a good time and you act like it. Not cheerleader-on-uppers-style, genuine-style.
  4. He loves that you are down to be friendly with new people in a new situation.
  5. He loves that when, after you’ve cheerfully tried to be friendly with said new people, you do not abide douchebags.
  6. He loves it when you say you’re starving and then you eat everything. Don’t just say you want to eat an obscene amount of sushi, you should really eat tons of sushi and relish every bite. It’s seductive to witness you letting loose and casting aside all of your self-conscious tendencies. Also, he’ll be sure that you’re not one of those girls who talks non-stop about their diet. That’s not fun.
  7. He loves that you can be with him for a little while without talking. Sometimes all you need is a lawn chair and a cocktail to appreciate your time with someone.
  8. He loves whatever makes you unique. It could be the way you double-knot your shoes, the way you flap your hands when you get excited, the way you squeak when you see a red panda, the way you always point out Orion when you’re looking at the stars, the way you want to eat pie in the middle of the night, the way you demand to be carried to bed or the way you accidentally fall asleep at the movies. So be yourself. Maybe he’ll be annoyed later but right now, he’s absolutely melting.

It’s a short list, but pay attention to the pattern: guys like you when you’re real. And doesn’t that give the male species a little bit more depth? It’s sort of nice knowing that you can seduce him with stuff besides your cleavage, legs, hips, hair, eyes...

Is something missing from the list? Leave it in the comments!

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