Is Playing Hard to Get Worth It?


Is Playing Hard to Get Worth It?
Don't rely on this age-old game to land a boyfriend. Here's why it's likely to backfire.

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It seems like a good tactic to gauge interest level, but playing hard to get can be tricky. Look at the semantics: it is a game that you play, and most guys are not interested in playing games.


Why You Think It Works
There is no question that guys love to chase girls, and playing hard to get can give a girl the façade of alluring confidence. But you can arouse that same fascination in a man a different way. Produce the same result not by playing hard to get, but by being hard to get. Instead of pretending to have less time and interest to commit to a budding relationship, have an independent life. Skip the games and just stay busy with your hobbies, work and social life so that you are less available. Isn’t it more interesting to ignore his phone call or delay returning his text because you were actually at yoga class instead of just pretending to be there? Fabricating a busier life in order to capture his attention won’t work in the long run. Activities and interests make for good conversation and a captivating woman. Phoniness does not. You shouldn’t have to manufacture intrigue about yourself when you already have a lot to offer that is intriguing enough.

What Guys Think
While you’re banking on this strategy to pique his curiosity, you’re actually risking a lot. The man that you’re forcing to chase you might think that you’re emotionally unavailable, you’re afraid to be vulnerable, you’re leading him on, you have low self-esteem, you’re hiding something or you’re at a weird place in your life where you’re not ready for a relationship. Don’t be difficult for the sake of being difficult. Dishonesty isn’t the best foundation for a solid relationship.

If You Choose To Ignore What I Just Said
If you insist on playing hard to get, make sure to employ some tact:

This article was originally published at Nouveau Dating . Reprinted with permission.
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