Online Dating Don'ts


Online Dating Don'ts
To get the most out of online dating avoid these big mistakes.

It’s tempting to use photo enhancement tools to make your photo more alluring. Plenty of online daters do this. Or they post a photo that is ten years old. Your photo should be the best photo that you can get but it should be pretty current. Whether your photo isn’t an accurate representation, or whether the words you use to describe your physical appearance are exaggerated, lying about your looks is another reason people fail at online dating. There is a point where the other person will see what you look like and you won’t be able to hide behind a fake photo any longer.

Corresponding only with the ‘Hotties’


You’ve got just as much of a chance of getting hooked up with the person behind the stunning image as you do if you saw that person at a trendy nightclub – slim to none. That person will be bombarded with emails and the chances of that woman finding your email and then finding it worthy of a response are slim. Applying these online dating don’ts will get you back to reality or online dating will never work for you!


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