Moving In Together? 3 Common Relationship Problems To Avoid


Moving In Together? 3 Common Relationship Problems To Avoid!
Plus, the steps you need to take to resolve them!

How to fix it: Sit down with your partner after you move in together. Decide who will be responsible for various tasks. Write down who will do what and keep your list as a reference. Listen to what your partner has to say until you mutually agree, then stick to it! If one of you start to slack off, you need to have another sit-down to figure out why and what to do about it.

3. Communication: The root of most problems, especially when living together, is a lack of communication. The bottom line here is: If you don't tell your partner what you want, he or she won't know how to give it to you. Communication is a two-way street: You have to listen as well as talk about what is bothering you. Often, one person in a relationship will shut down while the other person overpowers. In that situation, neither person is communicating well.


How to fix it: Consider how your words and actions affect your partner. Empathize with him or her. Timing matters when bringing up something that bothers you. Don't discuss a problem when you know the other person doesn't want to talk. Wait until you are in a low-stress situation, and be tactful.

Just like relationships have to be built, they have to be managed. Moving in together is a big step, and it can bring many good things for your relationship if you actively pursue solutions to your problems. Handle problems as they arise, and your relationship has a much better chance of surviving the long haul.

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