5 Ways To Tell How Much You Mean To Him


5 Ways To Tell How Much You Mean To Him
Are you the apple of his eye? Here are 5 ways to figure out if you're his priority or if you're not.

4. When you need backup. If you’re both at a party or a bar and you are getting majorly macked on by the resident creep, your boyfriend should swoop in and rescue you. You should definitely try to rescue yourself first, but sometimes creeps get too pushy, which is exactly when you need an attentive boyfriend to help you out. If he doesn’t check in with you after reading your your, "911 need you please or might get roofied" text because he decides it’s more fun to yuck it up with his friends on the other end of the bar, you should definitely find a different date.

5. When you're going to a wedding. You might hate weddings and need someone to suffer with you or you love them and want to enjoy the romance with someone special. Either way, he should definitely be by your side. Good boyfriends know how alluring a wedding can be, so they want to be there to catch you when you fall under its magically romantic spell. They hate imagining that some scoundrel groomsman is going to take advantage of the romance in the air and try to turn it into romance under your bra.


The bottom line: If these occasions aren’t how you want your boyfriend to demonstrate his commitment to you, you have to let him know how he can show you that you’re important to him. Maybe having a date at weddings truly doesn’t matter to you and you prefer being by yourself when you’re sick. If that’s the case, tell him what you need. Remember, the easiest way to tell if you’re important to him is if he pays attention to what’s important to you.

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