If you know a beautiful man...


My question is why not encourage him to lust after his wife instead? Ask him to tell you all the awesome thing that she does for him and help him to remember how great she makes him feel. If he were to cheat then he would stop being that awesome guy right? Lets keep him on the pedastal by encouraging him to be faithful instead.
All too often people are interested in drawing the attention of others, that we forget to focus on paying attention to ourselves. We are focused on what they are feeling, seeling, hearing and tasting that what our own senses are telling us is virtually blocked out my the overload from everyone else.
Why do I care if I cause other people to feel good if it causes me discomfort?
I invite everyone right now, to EMBRACE LIFE simply because you can. Be alive because you are. It is not so important to prove that perfection does not exsist when we are each the epitomy of it from the start. Be Lifted ALL and have a great moment right now.


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